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Welches sind die Chat Regeln?
Wir akzepieren keinerlei Beleidigungen, Beschimpfungen oder sonstige Anstössigkeiten. Unser System unterdrückt die "verbotenen" Ausdrücke. Es ist uns bewusst, dass diese Filter auch umgangen werden können. Wenn ein Ausdruck unterdrückt wird ist er nicht zulässig - also ist auch das Umgehen des Filters nicht zulässig und somit ein Grund aus dem Chat ausgeschlossen zu werden.
Was kann ich tun wenn mich jemand im Chat beleidigend angreift?
RRPOKER toleriert keinerlei Beleidigungen oder obszöne Ausdrücke. Bitte melden Sie Verstösse an den Support. Auch wenn wir die Tische so gut als möglich überwachen, sind wir auf Ihre Mitarbeit angewiesen um das RRPOKER sauberzuhalten um Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt zu ermöglichen. Antworten Sie nicht auf Angriffe sonst werden Sie genauso ausgeschlossen wie der Provokateur


Der Tisch ist voll. Was kann ich tun?
Wenn ein Tisch besetzt ist können Sie Ihren Namen in eine Warteliste für diesen Tisch eintragen. Sobald ein Platz verfügbar ist, kann der erste Spieler auf der Liste den Platz einnehmen oder ablehnen. Sie können genauso einen Platz an einem leeren Tisch mit dem gleichen Spiel und den gleichen Limits einnehmen. Wenn einmal ein Platz belegt ist kommen schnell andere Spieler hinzu
Was passiert wenn die Verbindung verloren geht?
In our Poker Room in case of lost connection with the game server during a game, you'll be considered in call, so your investiment in the pot until that time will be protected and you'll be candidate for your pot's quote if you have the best hand and no one bets anithing.
Which is the minimum buy-in?
The minimum buy-in is always 10 times the minimum bet for that game. For example, in a game with bet €1/€2, the minimum buy-in minimo is €10. Remember that all the games on RRPOKER are played with “play money”.
How do I know the ammount of play money in the pot?
In each RRPOKER's table, the entire ammount of the pot, including the current bettings, is shown under the dealer. At the end of every betting round, all the chips are collected in the center of the table.
How can I recharge my points in the “play for fun” mode?
Usually the points are recharged automatically once you finish them.
The software allows me to hide my winning hands?
No, it's not possible. If you play the hand until the end of the game and yours is the best one it will be automatically show. This feature protect you from loosing with a winning hand.
Which is your all in policy?
The all-in protects the investiment inside the pot in the case in which you run out of money during a game, you don't replay in time or if the connection with the game server is lost. Each player as an all-in protection every 24 hours.
All-in when you run out of money during the game: If during a game you run out of money, you still can keep on playing by selecting all-in for the pot in which you made the bets. The other player's bets will be collected in another pot contended between them.
All-in when you run out of time: If you don't make the move in time (10 seconds) the systems presume that you're not available to complete the hand. So with the all-in the investiment inside the pot is safe until that point of the game. The system will record and show all the cards. In case of winning the account will be accredited accordingly. You can ask for a hand history to check the results.
All-in in case of lost connection. We kwon that the internet connection can be instable and a player ca lose the connection with the game server.
Regardless of the disconnection reason, your investiment will be protected until that moment with the all-in. The system will record and show all the cards. In case of winning the account will be accredited accordingly. You can ask for a hand history to check the results. Important: if, in any moment the all-in is zero (0) you'll play at your own risk. This means that you're not protected by the all-in in case of lost connection or late answer. THE HAND WILL BE CLOSED AND THE INVESTIMENT LOST without any chance of recourse. Even if we concede one (1) all-in every 24 hours, will valutate if reset, with a prior permission, your protection at one. To have a valutation just contact our customer service at support. Anyway if RRPOKER suspects an all-in abuse the conseguence could be an annulment or the refuse of a reset request.
Is possible to observe the game before join or make a money deposit?
Of course! You can also play for free. All you need to do is to open an account. You won't need to make any deposit to observe or to join our trial games.But you'll have to provide correct information for the account. You'll have to make a deposit if you want to play with real money. After the account is created you can accede to the lobby and get inside the tables.
How does the Best Players Chart is calculated?
The top players chart is calculated basing on the each player's weekly cash game winnings.


Wie bekomme ich den Flash Player zum laufen?
Die besten Tips zur Beseitigung von Problemen mit dem Flash Player gibt es HIER auf der Macromedia Website. Um sicherzustellen dass Sie die neueste Version nutzen klicken Sie hier

How can I deposit funds into my players account?
There are different ways to deposit fund your account. The quickest one is to use your Credit Card. Other alternatives are listed in our section for Payments.
Is there a Credit Card processing fee?
As a promotion RRPOKER will take care of all such costs at present time. At a later stage we may have to charge our customers since costs for money transfers are a big part of our budget.
How do I withdraw funds from my RRPOKER account?
There are different ways to withdraw money. If you have made deposit with MoneyBookers or Click and Buy you can ask for an account re-credit from the one in which you madedeposit fund. Your account must be validated with a copy of a valid ID and the credit card you're using; if you made a deposit throught Western Union or bank transfer you can receive the payment only on your checking account.
Notice that: the ID and credit card copies must be send by e-mail at support.


I would like to play with different names, can I have more than one account?
No. Each player is allowed to own only one account.
I lost my username or password. What can I do?
Those are reserved informations, you'll need to contact us by mail support, and we'll be glad to help you.
How can I change my personal profile?
You're free to change it any time you want. Just click on Personal Information from the RRPOKER's Home page and modify the informations required.
How can I keep my RRPOKER's account safe?
  1. Yuo're responsable of your own password.
  2. Never tell your account details to anybody.
  3. Wir fragen niemals nach Ihrem Passwort. Sie müssen es nur benutzen um sich bei RRPOKER einzuloggen
  4. We suggest to change your password frequently.
Am I protected while I'm playing on RRPOKER?
It's important to be safe against game plans such as team play (collusion) and any type of undesired activity. RRPOKER uses safe protection systems developed for the poker and we do our best to protect your game. We check constantly the games with automatic systems and with our staff, and also you can help to provide a safer service contacting us on support in the case you see something strange is happening or the violation of the game's rules.
Is it legal?
To play on RRPOKER you need to be 18 or older. Notice that playing poker online could be illegal in some countries . Please check the local law before start playing.

Technical Requirements

What kind of computer do I need?
We suggest a Intel/AMD Processor at 1GHz or more and 256 MB of RAM. As operative system Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista or Mac OSX and Internet Explorer 6.0 or more or Mozilla Firefox.
Which screen settings do you suggest?
For a better view use a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768 with milion colors.
Do I have to download a software to play?
Absolutely not! RRPOKER is fully available on-line without downloading any kind of software inside your hard disk. But is necessary to have Flash player 8 tu run it.

Other questions? Our customer service is available 24/7, just send an email to support.